About Me



Former Data Research Analyst turned English Language Trainer.

I’m obsessed with the moon, umm.. particularly the phases between waxing gibbous and waning full moon, with dirty white to yellowish orange hues.

If it weren’t for Traveling, Poetry, Music, and Books, I would think humans were mortal.






Note:  I started writing this blog in 2010. So if you find something stupid, please check the date of the post.


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Saloni,
    Hope you are doing fine ? I recently started reading your blog … found it nice and thoughtful.
    There was a posting of your poem “Your existence, is camouflaged II..”, which seems to have disappeared now. Even though I had the previlege of reading it the same day it was posted (22nd july), I wanted to re-read it. Waiting for you to post it yet again. And yes I really like your poetry :)


  2. Hey Saloni,

    I came across your blogs and found it really interesting.
    I am the marketing head at an ecommerce venture. (I know it seems like the buzz word these days).
    We are looking for talented writers like you and in that regards would like to discuss a few opportunities with you. Let me know if you are open to it.
    You can write back to me on my ID – arora.gaurav32@gmail.com
    Gaurav Arora


  3. Thought-provoking. Fast, yet easy to empathise with. Your writing somewhere reminds me of the writer in me that surfaces when life is about to teach me a new lesson. Thanks for making my Friday evening!
    Keep writing and spreading joy!
    Ritika R. Thakkar


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