It got so wicked, my dream..

It got so wicked, my dream.

It got so wicked, my dream,
I decided to jump off the high-rise,
Sudden, rushed, I pushed myself,
A free fall, too short,
I woke up,
With a jolt,
In another dream, dreamy,
I was lost, I wandered,
Through the bushes,
Into the wild and beyond,
Saw a sparkling river with diamonds,
Stole the sparkle,
Hid it in my pocket,
Ran, and ran, and ran
Till my heels hurt,
And my breath died,
I stopped and saw a shadow,
Who was it?
A person,
Coming to a halt,
In front of me,
It was me!
Her pockets sparkled,
I looked at mine,
They did too,
She clutched hers, and ran away
I followed her, into the wild,
She looked back, and ran faster,
She was horrified,
I, just too numb
She stopped at the edge of the waterfall,
Catching her breath,
She couldn’t run any further,
She breathed hard,
And looked down at the sparkling water
And then at the sparkles in her pocket,
And then at me,
It got so wicked, her dream,
She decided to jump off the edge,
A free fall, longer this time,
Her scream,
echoing in my ears,
And with a terrifying, sudden jerk,
I woke up in my bed,
Was it her?


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