Little pinching luxuries

Yesterday I with a hand on my heart hesitatingly paid 500 bucks at Hard Rock Cafe for a drink that usually costs Rs 150. And since I am not used to splurging anymore (read: I am jobless), it hurt. Quite a lot. I wanted to be the parsimonious freak miser I have become now a days, but then I thought, what the hell, its just once in a couple of months that I splurge spend like thisnot in the slightest convinced that I’m spending on something even remotely worth it. So I did it. That innocent yet special green piece of paper was immensely missed.

Its strange how we insidiously cease to value money. Now that I know my phone wouldn’t beep with a ‘new credit balance’ message from Citibank on the 30th of every month, I begin to realize how carelessly I swiped my card.

But sometimes its okay.
Sometimes its okay to treat yourself with sweet luxuries. Like this ‘not so worth it‘ drink.
May be its not about the drink; may be its about buying the luxury of being there- listening to live rock music with your friends, losing yourself in the great musical ambiance while sipping the overpriced sparkling liquid.
But yes it did pinch.

HRC’s profit, and on a philosophical note- happiness these days, is made up of ‘little pinching luxuries’. (and may be ‘little punching necessities’ for some)
And we don’t really mind it.

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