To NOT be courageous. That’s what my country has taught me.

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I am a coward.

I don’t have courage.

And even if I do, I choose to hide it under an unsaid fear.

I don’t have the courage to stop and thrash the guy on the metro who tried following me. I just take a detour and escape.

I dont have the courage to return his lecherous stare with an abuse. I just look away.

I don’t have the courage to think I can do something if something goes wrong. I just plan to run.

I don’t have the courage to teach him a lesson. I just forget it.

I don’t have the courage to stand for myself. Because no body in this country will stand for me- not the police, not the judicial system, not the government.

Because now I know, that the guy staring at me thinks girls deserve to be raped. Because the potential lawyers of these rapists think the same. Because according to ‘Indian Culture’ girls are the one at fault.

Because now I know, that I live in a country where even a high profile rape case is dragged for over two years, leave alone the ones happening in villages. Where the victim’s parents are repeatedly embarrassed on national television. Where criminals are such confident freaks that they have no qualms about raping a girl and then boasting about it on camera, unhesitatingly blaming the girl, with not even an iota of shame in their eyes. Where the government is more concerned about the image of the country being marred and tourism affected by such outrageous and horrendous statements, than by the act itself.

Why should I show courage and be a fool then? Why should I not keep shut to protect myself, than shouting out loud after the damage has been done, when no one would be listening ?

So lets not be courageous then.

That’s what my country has taught me.

That’s what I feel every single day when I step out of the house.

To NOT be courageous.



~India’s Daughter Documentary banned

~Still in shock


4 thoughts on “To NOT be courageous. That’s what my country has taught me.

    • Its not about staring at one thing, but about not being able to ignore the gigantic problem staring you in the face. Its not about optimism either. Optimism is highly overrated I feel. Talk about optimism with women who have been fighting their rape cases for decades. I would be optimistic if I knew something was being done in this regard. My article intends to express what every woman goes through in the city. Of course there are other things about the country that make me proud, but here I’m addressing this particular issue of safety, and NO there is nothing that the government has done yet that would make me feel optimistic or even remotely safe.


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