Just something

I couldn’t really decide what to call this piece of poetry. So here’s just something.


Just something

I took a leap, fast and high
After a long, tedious crawl
Should I build my wings now?
Or gear up for a free fall
The air feels thin and cold
The light falls on my face
Its a gamble, a game of cards
And I saw you hiding my ace.
The clouds come along with a message
They crackle and drench me down
The lightening falls, its dark
They take away my only crown.
I see them fly past me
I see them high with pride
More beautiful than I am
Yet ignorant of my ride.
I see the world below me
Taking its usual course
Dreaming dreams of power
While I dream of force.
I am floating now, weightless
I hear a familiar voice
And this time I cover my ears
I realize it was always my choice.

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