Of teachings and learnings Part II: My MAD moment!!


Its a strange realization; A strange thing to digest; A strange thing to understand.

We learn a lot of things while growing up and eventually begin to assume that they are as natural to everybody as they are to us; that everybody is aware of the things we know by heart; that everybody ought to know what we have always known. How can they not? We somehow never get to the simple understanding that sometimes the most obvious, the most taken-for-granted thing could be the most alien for someone else.

We live in a big big bubble, ignorant, oblivious. We look at the world through this thin transparent iridescent layer, thinking that everything we see has a tinge of color to it. That everything is just like we see it or want to see it.

I stepped out of this bubble with MAD, and saw a different world. A world I now think should be altered a little, should be made better, happier.

Yesterday I had my usual class with my lovely girls in grade 9. I have been doing pronunciations in my class for sometime, and realized that all the girls had a problem pronouncing words starting with Sp, Sc, St, Sl, Sm, Sk etc. So they would say “Ischool”, and “Ispread”, and “Isky”. In one class a few weeks back, I helped them all get all these words right, except this one girl who was finding it difficult to pronounce them correctly. No matter how hard I tried to make her say the words slowly, she would unwittingly say them beginning with the sound “I”. While I was a little baffled at her difficulty in pronouncing something that was so easy and basic for me, that was also the moment when I realized that her tongue was used to it. This was what was natural for her. This was what she knew by heart.

It had been four weeks since I was trying to help her get it right, but I saw that she was getting a little embarrassed and intimidated in front of other kids who could say the words correctly. So I decided to not poke her too much, and let her take her own time.

But yesterday, I don’t know why, I was just really motivated to try once again. So I began slow, helping her with the phonetics of the words, and guiding her through it.

And in one magical MAD moment, she just said “School” absolutely right!

I have no words to explain that feeling. I almost jumped with excitement, and clapped for her. I asked her to repeat all the words, and she just got into the flow. All words correctly pronounced!

The satisfaction, the silent happiness on her face was something one has to see for themselves to understand. Its inexplicable.

That’s when I knew. The bubble needs to be pricked. The world needs to be explored. Not everything is natural for everyone, not everything is easy for everyone.

And we, can make a difference.


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