Of teachings and learnings.

Ironies make you write, inspiration makes you write, and I guess I am really lucky to have found both of them together this time. So here I am breaking my 3-month long writer’s block with an epiphany.

One of the strangest ironies of my life, is the realisation that my learning has increased manifold since I have taken up the role of a teacher.

Being a part of Make a Difference has brought about an inexplicable, life altering change in me. It has made a lot of things clearer, and blurred the ones that were unnecessarily prominent in my life.

We live by an idea pretty much all our lives, and then one day it all comes crashing down. We feel hollow, and full till the brim at the same time. We feel half, and yet complete at the same time. We find ourselves sad, and exhilarated at the same time.

“I think a thought, I like it, I fight for it.

I live a little, and find another,

And then weep over the lost idea, laughing “

(A quote I recently wrote, that explains this feeling for me.)

Make a difference has given me endless such moments to add to my memory cart, and the ‘difference’ we were to make, is equally and very deeply felt by me too.

The exchange of experiences and anecdotes, with hidden chocolate chips of knowledge and wisdom, make my every weekend a time to look forward to. Last weekend, I took a class of 15 kids, age group: 4 to 7, and strangely I learned a great deal about life in that two-hour class.

I was taking a lesson on different shapes, and wrote on the board names of all the shapes along with their drawings. There was no space left on the right side of the board, next to the rectangular face I drew, so the word ‘Rectangle’ didn’t fit. I unwittingly broke the word into two, and wrote half of it in the next line. (Making it clear though, that they were supposed to write it as one word)


Unaware of the innocently disastrous mistake I had made, I continued teaching, until I checked their notebooks and realized that each kid had copied “Rectangle” exactly the way I had written it on the board. I broke into a quiet laughter at their innocence, and then made them write the correct spellings again.


I realized how impressionable they are. I realized how wholeheartedly they trust me. I realized how careful I will have to be from now on.

I had almost forgotten about this incident. But something strange reminded me of it today. While I was practicing my Urdu lesson (yes, one more development, I am learning Urdu. I have been away from this blog for a really long time I realize. :/), I was trying to copy the letters from the book exactly the way they were written on the line, carefully trying to make sure that I was correct with the spacing, and the part of the letter to be written over, bellow, and touching the line. There was a scanned page on the left side, that had handwritten letters, and I was trying to copy them as they were.


I made the first letter on the right (Urdu is written from right to left), exactly like this one above, touching the line, and then the subsequent letters on the left a little above the line, and practiced like this all day.


Then, I glanced upon the next page of the book where printed letters were given, and couldn’t help laughing. I realized that the floating letters above the line wasn’t the norm, but just a writing style of the person who wrote it.

The only thing that came to my mind at that time was:



And I smiled.



PS: I missed by blog’s 4th Birthday (October 7th) in all this writer’s block mess. So Happy Birthday Blog! I love you <3


12 thoughts on “Of teachings and learnings.

  1. This describes my teaching experience in MAD so brilliantly! You are a gem, Saloni. You have successfully expressed your emotions, and yet managed to keep this light and humorous. Love it!

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  2. I loved how you brought in your own story of Urdu to compare with “Recta-ngle”.

    To me, this post also came as a lesson in humility – knowing that we all have so much to learn, a lot of times even from people who may not be as blessed as we have grown up to be.

    While reading this, I got reminded of some of my other friends from Teach for India. They’ve written about a few of their experiences as well. I think you will relate :)

    One such blog: http://mysmallwonders.wordpress.com/

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  3. Good post dude ! :) teaching is a serious business, I guess. defines the way we communicate with other people/knowledge. :)
    anyways, I found the efforts you had to make to create a visual of the ‘Recta-ngle’ face thing really funny :P It is difficult with both mouse or touchscreen. :D
    and your urdu ‘cresent-moonish’ thing looks more like a smiling face :P
    and good to know you are learning urdu. I find it really beautiful. and who doesn’t love speaking from the epiglottis ! :D

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  4. Wow, simply wow! I’m really, really glad I came across your blog. It is a treat to read it and I always look forward to a new post!
    What you write always resonates inside!! truly touching!
    Thank you! Have a nice day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Pratibha!
      Thanks a lot for these really encouraging words. You made my day :)
      Its just awesome to know that my writing resonates with people :)

      Keep reading
      Your feedback is important !


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