Who moved my cheese? I moved your cheese.

 Who moved my cheeseI moved your cheese

Everyone who has studied management knows about them. Everyone who hasn’t studied management knows about them. And everyone who wants to study management definitely knows about them. Why are these management classics and self help books so famous?

Sometimes, thinking about their titles makes me cringe. Such ridiculously funny names! It’s like every title tells a story of its own. “Who moved my cheese?”.. “I moved your cheese!”. What the hell is happening?

What? Not funny enough? Lets try Hindi, as I say, some emotions are best expressed in Hindi..



This is what comes to my mind when I come across these titles. Straight from the heart!

Who moved my cheese? – By Spencer Johnson

Idea of the book- An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life

You are enjoying a pizza, when the person next to you pulls out a big pizza slice from the divided circle, accidentally stealing some extra cheese off your pizza slice that is lying right next to it. You miss the great tragedy while it happens, but after a while notice with utter astonishment and disbelief that your pizza slice is half naked. You shout out loud:  Who moved my cheese?!?

Moral of the story: Change is inevitable. You should be aware of the changes happening in the Pizza-eating-habits of people, and not freak out when your cheese goes missing. Ok?


Eat that frogBy Brian Tracy

Idea of the book- 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

You go to a Chinese Restaurant with your friend and on the suggestion of the waitress, order a live frog sushi, along with soup. You decide to have the soup first and ‘procrastinate’ eating the frog because it’s kinda freaking you out. And right then, the froggy makes a sudden high jump, and your friend shouts: Eat That Frog!!!

Moral of the story: You should not procrastinate and eat the frog first. Or maybe if you are a hard core procrastinator like me, then let it go and wait for a frog from the side table to jump in. Pichaaak..


The SecretBy Rhonda Byrne

( Not really a management classic, but self help YES!)

Idea of the bookWhatever you want will come to you.

You hate this person and want all his hair to fall off.  So you shut your eyes, and imagine the hair fall, strand by strand, smiling gleefully. You open your eyes and the person is bald! You exclaim: Omg The Secret!!

Moral of  the story: You realize the barber had accidentally shaved this person’s head coz he was angry because of a fight with his wife, who was cheating on him with another man, who was angry with his boring wife, who had lost her job, pushing her into depression. She was replaced by another lady who was sleeping with the boss, and … you get the idea..

Say with me!!, when you want something with all your heart, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. Yay!


The One minute Manager By Spencer Johnson and Ken Blanchard

Idea of the book- One-minute-goal settingOne-minute-praisingand One-minute-reprimand

Girl to Boyfriend: Ok Lets Shop Today! We’ll go to the mall and then I’ll buy a hot dress, and then I’ll buy matching shoes, and then I’ll……. ( Goes on for 1 minute)

(Boyfriend makes a face)

Girl : You are the best, You are the sweetest, you are……please lets go…. ( Goes on for 1 minute)

(Boyfriend says “No”)

Girl: You F****… You A***… You…… ( Goes on for 1 minute)

(Boyfriend says “Lets Go”)

Moral of the story : The one minute rule totally rocks!


Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work By Jack Canfield, etc.

Ah forget it ! My creative patience ran out on this one.



10 thoughts on “Who moved my cheese? I moved your cheese.

  1. I am sorry for pointing out but please take care of the ellipsis. I think that only three dots (. . .) have a significance. Not sure about the variations.
    Funny post. Lots of dry humor and sarcasm. :)


  2. you seem to be unimpressed with the self-help literature. Nice to see someone who realizes these books are shallow cures and ultimately the solution lies in one’s own attitude and determination. And as usual, great writing ! :)


    • Haha totally!
      These are cliched ideas no longer than a page, packaged in superfluous personal accounts, and stretched to fit in a book of 100-150 pages, because well no one is going to buy one page :P

      Thanks Pradyumn :)


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